silhouette dancers of contemporary balle

Grief Dance

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

Maya Angelou

“But extreme grief is more of an alternate reality than a depression. When you lose someone special, you also lose your stability in the rational world.”

When you lose someone you love – you enter a different reality. An unfamiliar landscape that only those who have lost someone have access to. You are in a new land, a new territory, there might have been no warning. Your passport into this alternate reality was the death of your loved one. It is typically a lonely place, a dark place, a cold place and it sucks you in like quicksand.


The rules of normal life no longer apply. You don’t know who you are anymore. You feel lost and have never felt so alone in your life. 


Let me help you navigate this bizarre territory by helping you find your rhythm in grief and create a path for yourself through the labyrinth patterns of grief and pain.

Grief Dance: A framework for moving through Grief

The Four Dances – Through the Alternate Reality of Grief

Grief is a dance. It is a movement through different spirals and phases, and it is completely non-linear. I created a map for the journey and way a through. I will meet you wherever you are on this wild and crazy journey.

Different Ways to work with Me

For each of the different grief dance paths, you can work with me in three different ways. 

DIY - Grief Dance

You feel confident in your journey through grief and you would like a few pointers here and there. Don’t worry, I got you. Access my free resources page where you will find different resources to help you on your journey. Also check out my other guidebooks. This are self-paced guides that give you step-by-step instructions for how to dance your grief with grace and precision.

Middle of the Road – Done with you Grief Dance

You would like some personalized support from someone who has threaded this path before. Together, we will find your rhythm in grief by creating your personal roadmap through this bizarre alternate reality. As you dance your grief, I will come in and out to help you find your bearings when you get lost, hit a bump in the road or just come to a dead end or an alley way.

Hold your Hand – Grief Dance

Let me hold your hand through the abyss of unspeakable grief with a one-on-one hold your hand through your journey with grief. We will work together to create your grief roadmap of your journey. This is a comprehensive package; we will do healing sessions and grief constellations to help you move through the anguish of loss, meet your loved one in a new way as well as unravel purpose from pain.

Have a bump in the road and need some quick help?

I offer standalone grief dance sessions where we can work to resolve any issues you might be going through on your journey through grief.