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Welcome to

Our Dance with Life

a place for the outrageously courageous hearts ready to enter the bizarre alternate reality that is grief and meet their pain with tenderness

Grief is a different language; a language only those who have lost someone very important to them understand. This unfamiliar landscape - what I have come to call an alternate reality - is a lonely and dark place. 


Sometimes it makes you feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. It sucks you in like  quicksand, and other times makes you feel exhausted and as though you are walking through a barren desert with no end in sight.


And there is no way around this place, the only way is through it. 


And you do come out on the other side, but never the same as before. 


At our Dance with Life, my mission is help you navigate this alternate reality with as much grace and precision as possible and ensure that you come out on the other side with a deeper connection to your deceased loved one, your life and your purpose. While grieving in a way that is true to your heart.


Hi There,

I'm Ning Tendo. A dancer in my heart, an apprentice to sorrow/grief in this life and a poet with a taste for mischief. Read My Story here.

At our Dance With Life, it is my purpose to inspire you to approach life as a dance that includes heart wrenching tears and underbelly laughs by providing resources to support you through the unbearable depths of grief.

My hope is that you can develop a new softer relationship with periods of disruption in your life, by learning how to consciously journey into your pain and create a map for future journeys.

At ODWL, you will find...

  1. Practical advice to orient, stabilize and help you navigate the bizarre alternate reality of grief

  2. Resources to nourish, nurture, empower and support you during this difficult time

  3. Tools to help you harvest creative purpose from pain

  4. Tips on building resilience and finding your unique rhythm 

  5. Community to hold you as you move through the abyss of unspeakable pain.


In essence, you will find a sacred space that can contain all of your grief, sorrow and anguish. A tribe of fellow travels who see you and understanding what you are experiencing because they have walked the same path and have been inducted into the halls of soul crushing grief.




I am so glad you are Here!