find your rhythm in grief

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Dear Heart,

Welcome to our Dance with Life – a place for the outrageously courageous hearts ready to enter the bizarre alternate reality that is grief and meet their pain with tenderness.

Your Pain is Real and Worthy of Your Deepest Contemplation

and I am unwavering in providing you with resources to orient, support, nourish and nurture you as you move through the abyss of unspeakable pain.

All of you is welcome here. Your sadness, sorrow, grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, joy...

All are welcome to join the dance.

Hello Dear Heart...

Is Grief Keeping you up?

You are in the pits of despair. Your world has been turned upside down and to add insult to the injury, you can't sleep!

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What is my Sleep Formula?
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Hello Fellow Traveler,

I am Ning and I am so glad you found me!

​I am no grief expert, I have no degrees in grief work, I am just a motherless daughter – a fellow traveler  through the alternate reality that grief takes you into. A fellow sister who has experienced the gut-wrenching depths of grief, the relentless heart shattering and has found a way through with a deep understanding of the terrain. I am just here to hold your hand.

My purpose is to help you feel supported, empowered and connected by providing you with practical tools and resources to help you find your bearings and navigate the labyrinth patterns of  the alternate reality of unspeakable grief.

Dramatic Dance

"The Grief within me has its own heartbeat. Its own life, its own song. Part of me wants to resist the rhythms of my grief, yet as I surrender to the song I learn to listen deep within myself."

- Alan Wolfet

Grief Dance  - my offerings -

Your Grief is as unique as the love you had for your loved one, and I would be honored to hold your hand through the alternate reality of soul crushing grief.

Grief gives you a passport into a bizarre alternate reality and I am here to journey with you into this new unfamiliar realm using my own pain to help guide the way. I will meet you wherever you are in your journey through grief and provide you with resources to help you find your bearings and navigate this alternate reality. 

Our Dance Through Grief...

Let's Get to Know Each Other

You might be feeling lost and alone with no idea about how to navigate this strange new world that is grief. I know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what to do, who to work with, and how to even begin to cope with the destruction of the world you knew. 

I am here for you. Please click below to schedule a call with me so that we can get to know each other, and I will do my best to provide you with practical resources and compassion to orient, stabilize and help you navigate the bizarre alternate reality of grief.


What People are Saying

Death ends a life but not a relationship. Death is not the end of your relationship with your loved one. It is an invitation to form a new one…

- Ram Dass